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Ascension Republican Women

The Ascension Republican Women meet on the third Thursday of each month at 12:00 Noon at various local restaurants (Publicized in The Advocate and Weekly Citizen, the ARW Newsletter and through this website). For more information about the club, e-mail:
Note: Ascension Republican Women sponsor the Ascension GOP Roundtable monthly. It is open to the public and serves as their monthly meeting.

See the Ascension GOP Home page and the Calendar Page for ARW events.

The Ascension Republican Women welcome all concerned citizens to join us at our monthly Ascension GOP Roundtable meetings. It is our goal to keep the electorate informed of current events and issues of interest to citizens of Ascension, Louisiana and the United States. 
The ARW organization supports Conservative Republican candidates running for local, state and national offices. ARW is also very active in promoting Community Service projects such as the Dictionary Project (for local 3rd graders), the Brick Project (memorializing fallen Ascension soldiers at the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Gonzales, LA) and the St. Theresa Food Bank.
Our meetings are open to women and men alike who are interested in the community they live in. Come join us!

Ascension GOP Roundtable – Rep. M. J. “Mert” Smiley,Jr. Speaker – 3/18/10
Top: Jean Linn, Beverly Weselak, Smiley, Diane Cosenza, Gina McBride & Joyce LaCour
Bottom: Carole Mendoza, Lynette Nolan, Paula Fletcher, Smiley, Glenda Lambert, Lorie Dalton & Connie Bertinot

Ascension GOP Roundtable Jeb Bruneau, Speaker 2/18/10
Joyce LaCour, Jeff Landry, candidate for Congressional District 3, Beverly Weselak, Jeb Bruneau & Paula Fletcher

Group honors fallen Ascension soldier
"The Advocate" 11/12/10

Ascension GOP Roundtable Frank's in P'ville. 10/15/09
James and Paula Fletcher, Madeline St. Amant, ARW President, Beverly Weselak and Regina Shoriak.

Project GOPink Conference New Orleans 10/2/09
Joyce LaCour Suzanne Haik Terrell, Ruth Ulrich, Republican National Commiteewoman, and Donna Goodpaster. Terrell, the first woman ever elected to a statewide office in Louisiana, is the co-founder and co-chairman of Project GOPink, a program designed to empower women with the tools to succeed. ARW member, Regina Shoriak also attended the conference.

Ascension GOP Roundtable Bernie Pinsonat, Speaker 9/24/09
Donna Goodpaster, Joyce LaCour, Bernie Pinsonat, Beverly Weselak & Happy Olinde

Ascension GOP Roundtable Bernie Pinsonat, Speaker 9/24/09
Angela Neff, Amanda Swanner, Bernie Pinsonat, Wanda Aizpurua and Tay Cotton

Ascension GOP Roundtable Bernie Pinsonat, Speaker 9/24/09
Mary Cortney, Carole Mendoza, Barbara Hulick, Bernie Pinsonat, Kathie Hric & Darla Terlecki

Americans for Prosperity's "Patients First" Rally in BR 8/26/09
The "Patients First" Tour Bus

Americans for Prosperity's Patients First Rally in BR 8/26/09
Ellen Carmichael, AFP Louisiana Coordinator, and Joyce LaCour

Ascension GOP Roundtable Gisela Chevalier, Speaker 8/20/09
Joyce LaCour, Darla Terlecki, Gisela Chavalier, and Beverly Weselak

Ascension GOP Roundtable Gisela Chevalier, Speaker 8/20/09
Tay Cotton, Angela Neff, Greg Neff, Gisela Chavalier, Harold LaCour, Linda Vinsanau, Jay Chevalier, Connie Bertinot

Americans for Prosperity's Hot Air Balloon in Gonzales 6/5/09
Our Gang with Senator David Vitter

Americans for Prosperity's Hot Air Balloon in Gonzales 6/5/09
Darla Terlecki in the Balloon with Kids and AFP Staff

Americans for Prosperity's Hot Air Balloon in Gonzales 6/5/09
Phil Kerpen of AFP and Senator David Vitter address the Crowd

LFRW Day at the Legislature Lunch at the Old State Capitol 6/3/09
Joyce LaCour, Secretary of State, Jay Dardenne, Beverly Weselak & Tay Cotton

Joyce LaCour with former Speaker, Newt Gingrich 6/1/09

Bruce and Beverly Weselak with former Speaker, Newt Gingrich 6/1/09

Ascension GOP Roundtable Kevin Kane, President, The Pelican Institute 5/21/09
Darla Terlecki, Tay Cotton, Kevin Kane, Renee LaBauve, and Wanda Aizpurua, LFRW Vice-President

Ascension GOP Roundtable Kevin Kane, President - The Pelican institute 5/21/09
Donna Goodpaster, Joyce LaCour, Kevin Kane, Beverly Weselak, and Gina McBride

LFRW 28th Biennial Convention March 6-8
ARW's Gina McBride & Tay Cotton and Ramona Talley, RWBR

Lunch with Wendy Vitter 2/25/09
Beverly Weselak, Joyce LaCour, Wendy Vitter, Tay Cotton and Donna Goodpaster

American Family Business Institute Luncheon in N.O. � 1/29/09
Beverly Weselak, AFBI President, Dick Patten, Joyce LaCour

Ascension GOP Roundtable Steven Procopio presents La Trac - 1/22/09
Darla Terlecki, Donna Goodpaster, Steven Procopio, Barbara Hulick and Mary Courtney

Ascension GOP Roundtable Steven Procopio presents La Trac - 1/22/09
Angela Neff, Connie Bertinot, Steven Procopio, Jean Linn and Carole Mendoza

Ascension GOP Roundtable Steven Procopio presents La Trac - 1/22/09
Barbara Miller, Beverly Weselak, Steven Procopio, Gina McBride and Wanda Aizpurua

Renee LaBauve with Senator David Vitter, February 19, 2008
Luncheon at SNO's hosted by Ascension Republican Women

Ascension Republican Women Objectives

To increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government
To foster and encourage loyalty to the Republican Party and promote its ideals
To promote and inform the public through political education and activity
To promote the principles of freedom, equality, and justice on which the Constitution and government of the country were founded; and
To facilitate cooperation between the LFRW and the State Unit Clubs

Contact Ascension Republican Women:

Ascension Republican Women

P. O. Box 1514

Prairieville, LA 70769

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